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ID Cases

Below are two types of ID cases made by Rodek Leather Works specifically for the Illinois State Police credentials. The first pictured ID case is a book style case with the ISP star indented in leather on one side of the case and a picture window for the ID card on the other side of the case. Felt is used to cover and protect the star. This case is somewhat bulky due to the thickness of leather used to indent the star. The approximate closed dimensions of this case are 3 3/4″ W X 4″ H X 5/8″ thick.

The second pictured ID case is a notebook style case which has the ISP star on the outside of the case. The inside of the case has a pocket for business cards on one side and a picture window for the ID card on the other side. This case is light weight and compact. It will fit inside most shirt pockets.

Both ID cases can be either medium brown, dark brown, black, or mahogany.


Book Style ID Case



Notebook Style

ID Case


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