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All belt holsters can be either medium brown, dark brown, black, or mahogany. Holsters with a thumb break are made with hard action snaps for security and safety purposes. Hand tooling and initials can be added to the belt holsters at no additional cost. Specify manufacturer, model, right or left hand, caliber, and barrel length. The styles of holsters may vary somewhat from those pictured on this website depending on the dimensions and style of the handgun.

The belt holsters can be plain, basketweave, or have camo border tooling.  Holsters can be made for either right or left hand. Holsters are not available for all handguns.  Contact Rodek Leather Works to see if a holster can be made for your handgun.

The western style Ranger drop loop cartridge belt pictured is 3 3/8″ wide and made from 8 to 9 ounce top grain vegetable tanned cowhide and lined with 3 to 4 ounce cowhide. Tapered cartridge gun belts without a drop loop are similarly made and are available at a reduced cost. These larger caliber tapered gun belts are approximately 3″ wide and taper to approximately 1 5/8″. A full length welt is used on the Ranger style holsters to reduce stress on the stitching as well as reducing drag when removing the handgun from the holster for a better custom fit. Cartridge belts are also lined with 3 to 4 ounce cowhide. Other style holsters such as the Buscadero, Forty-Niner, and Cheyenne holsters are also available without a welt. There is an additional cost for tooling the belt and holster.

For those individuals who are looking for a holster for concealed carry, the pancake style or clam shell style holsters are excellent for this purpose. These holsters ride high and close to the body and conceal exceptionally well. The belt slits lock the holster in place on the belt and prevents the holster from moving around on the belt as the person walks. The forward belt slit cants the handgun slightly forward. The purpose of the inner belt slit allows the holster to also be used in a cross-draw position by placing the handgun in a vertical position. The thumb break on pancake style holsters secures the handgun in the holster. The style of pancake and clam shell holsters may vary slightly depending on the make, model, and size of handgun.


How to Measure Barrel Lengths
Semi Automatics:
Measure from the rear part of the ejection port to the front of the pistol.


Measure the distance from the front of the cylinder face to the end of the barrel.

Pancake, clamshell, or shoulder holsters: Add $3/inch for barrel lengths 5" or more.


Belt Slide Holster with

Thumb Break


Belt Slide Holster without

Thumb Break



Clam Shell Style Speed Holster



Complete Shoulder Holster



Inside-the-Pants Holster made from Split Cow Hide Leather



Pancake Holster for longer barrels


starting at

Pancake Holster, Basketweave, Medium Brown, with Initials



Pancake Holster, Basketweave


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