I have numerous products from Rodek Leather Works. From pancake holsters, badge cases, card holders, small and large notebooks to personal and business belts. The quality has always been and is still the best I have ever experienced. The workmanship is beyond exemplary. Quality, price and service are the best.

-Ned Bandy


I purchased a belt slide with thumb break for my Ruger 1911…I have been using this holster for daily carry since I received it and I could not be happier with it!  It has more than met my expectations.  I have many holsters from makers such as Mitch Rosen, Galco, Safariland, and Bianchi, which I have paid a lot more money for, but none of them are better than your product.  Thank you for providing a reasonably priced product of outstanding quality with excellent service!

– Bruce Ostrom


I have already received 5 holsters for several model handguns from you. I retired from Rockford Police after 25 years using those holsters as off-duty weapon holsters. I now am a task force Inspector for the ISP and continue to use those same holsters every day.

The quality and craftsmanship is beyond expectation in every product I have ordered. Plus the matching belts, holsters, cuff cases and magazine holders makes for a very professional appearance while at work. Thanks Ed!

– Insp. David Hooks


The order came in this morning just as you expected. To say I’m delighted with your product would be an understatement! The quality and fit is excellent. Both Rossi Model 68 fit the holsters perfectly. The thumb break couldn’t be better. 

In today’s America it is a rarity to find a quality product from a craftsman that is trustworthy. Fortunately I found both with Rodek Leather. It has been an honor for me to deal with you and look forward to future purchases from you.

– Hon. Alan D. Borre’, Retired


Our Albany Med Emergency Dept staff LOVE LOVE LOVE your trauma shear leather holsters!! Anyone who doesn’t already have one wants one!

– Meagan Foo


I saw Rodek Leather Works, Inc. mentioned on an on-line forum about concealed carry holsters. I had been a fan of Roy’s Original Pancake holsters since I wore one in the early 80s. I went to the Rodek Leather Works website and notice the 3-slot pancake and decided to give it a try. After a couple email exchanges with Ed, my check was in the mail and within the same week, I had my new pancake. I was impressed with the professional fit and finish. It is a high quality holster – as good as any of the big name brands (probably better). After I give it a chance to break-in a bit, I expect I’ll be adding a couple more of Ed’s pancakes for some of my carry guns.

CAUTION; ED’S PRODUCTS ARE HABIT FORMING! My addiction started with a 3-slot pancake holster. Then two more 3-slot pancakes, Then two belts. Then another belt. Then another. My wife still has more purses than I have belts, but I’m working on it. Great product line and superb craftsmanship.

– John Miller

I must say your work FAR passed my expectations! It’s amazing craftsmanship!

The work was first hand superb and the stitching I was especially impressed with. Also the stiffness and quality of the leather, just first rate work, Ed. I am very thankful that you did this for me.

Thank you very much for your time, and your quality products. I will be returning to you for my leather needs of that I am sure.

– Josh Boehm


Just received the holster and mag pouch.  The quality of leather and stitching is first rate.  Fits the gun like a glove.  Rides comfortably on my belt. High, close to the body, easy to draw, re-holster and conceal. 

Mag pouch is excellent fit. 

Overall…perfect!  Thank you so much.

It’s good to know you’re out there. I have a couple of new acquisitions I’m considering and glad there is someone who can provide a holster that works. Many thanks. I look forward to working with you in the future and will be sure the guys at the range have an opportunity to see the outstanding work you do.

– Barry Silberman


This is a nice sheath! Price was awesome too.  Thanks!

– Commander Erman Blevins, Carpentersville Police Department


I received the holster yesterday and it came out better than I expected, nice job. I have some other handguns that need holsters as well so in about a week or so I will be getting back to you for a couple more. Thanks again.

– Bill Pete


Package arrived Monday but I’ve been out until this afternoon and just got a chance to check out the portfolios.  You did a great job and they look super!  The portfolios you did for me are to be gifts for the leadership team in my local SimplexGrinnell district office.

– Randy Higgins, District General Manager, SimplexGrinnell, Little Rock District 


Got the belts a day early!

And I am impressed with the quality and sturdiness.    Hard to imagine a double thick belt…..it would stand up in the corner like a stick.  

I compared the thickness of yours vs the double thick Galco I’ve been wearing and they appear the exact same.  The Galco is more flexible, but may be so because I’ve had if for a couple years.

Hopefully, these will stay as sturdy as they currently are for a long time.   If so, you have a lifetime customer!

I will post some pics on the smith and wesson forum for others to see the quality.   Don’t be surprised if you get some new customers.

– Zane Eller


WOW, Holy Holsters Batman: Ed these look great, very impressed with them as you said I would be, the quality looks second to none. I’m sure my colleagues will be as equally impressed!

– Eric Schindler